Improving your Personal Brand

WHY SHOULD YOU BUILD YOUR PERSONAL BRAND? Building a recognizable personal brand opens professional opportunities. Creating a vision for your future and implementing that vision can lead to: A better job Better contacts and clients […]

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Hey….why is the top of my head cropped

HEADSHOT CROPPING EXPLAINED… To convey your personality, your headshot is all about your expression – i.e. your headshot is (should be) completely focused on your face. …which is why I leave some of your hair […]

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Does your Headshot make you look competent?

    When you’re building a professional presence online, of course you want to look competent (i.e. smart and capable, like you can get the job done). But how can you do it? Does it […]

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A Professional Photographer’s Guide to Getting the Right LinkedIn Headshot Photo

Your Headshot is one, if not, the most important element on your LinkedIn profile. A good first impression, encourages the reader to view your the rest of your profile. Research has shown, that your profile has […]

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